Thursday, September 22, 2005

The Hassle of Moving

Today is a day that i will remember down the memory lane, not because its my birthday or anniversary, but because its moving day, yup - My significant other and i are moving to another place within the same street. Its been one year and 2 months since i moved to the Bay area and this is the first move for me after my relocation to the west coast. The reason we are moving-need for more space as special other's parents are visiting from India next week.

Its been such a hassle doing the packing, calling the movers plus the domestic chores of cooking with the limited time that we have after work on a weekday. I now fully understand what it actually means when people tell me what a pain it is to move, i can't even imagine folks with families-kids etc-how they manage to do it, its still ok to move when you are single-not that much of a bother- but with all the stuff that one has accumulated within the past year, it is indeed stressful and tiring.

Plus, for me, letting go of the memories -both the good and bad, that have been made in this first residence is so hard. I am this person who values stability and loves a routine in life. Change, especially in having another roof under your head is something that is so uneasy. The fact that i couldn't even think of moving to a different apartment in another street within the same area speaks volumes of my so-called "stubborn" Taurean nature.

Anyways, am just nostalgic about the last evening that i will be spending at my first home. Can't wait for the moving in and settling down to take place ASAP. That's it for today-folks.


tt_giant said...

Moving when one is a student is not that bad. But I had a tough time when I came over here from AZ. But a great relief when its done.

I guess you guys havent got the minivan/SUV yet, hence the movers?! ;-)

Hope all is settled by now.

Me too said...

Tell me about it! We moved 3 times in the first 2 years of our marriage. But in a way, the frequent moving helped get rid of those junks that get accumulated without anyone's knowledge!

Anyway, good luck with your moving and settling down!

vee-jay said...

Good luck in your new home!!!

Priya said...

Moving is indeed a painful exercise, what with the packing and moving and later the unpacking and setup! However, I have always enjoyed setting up the home after the move!

Good luck with your move and your new home!

mitr_bayarea said...

ttg: nope, we haven't gotten to the minivan SUV stage yet and we hope to finish with movers etc by tomorrow-so there goes my weekend.

me_too:wow, moved 3 times in 2 yrs seems like a lot, yes, so true about getting to see how much of stuff is really junk and can be discarded.


priya:thanks for the comment. Yes, i was and am enthu abt setting up stuff in the new place.

Balaji said...

whew! been 5 yrs since we last moved. considering how much stuff we've accumulated in our house since we moved in, i'm dreading the next move!
but priya's right... unpacking and setting up the new place is a fun thing :)

mitr_bayarea said...

balaji-thanks for the tip. I guess unpacking and organizing stuff as per your requirements in a new home is always fun. Thatz all i am going to be doing this weekend.

Sundar Narayanan said...

roof over your head kezhvi pattirukken.. adhu enna "roof under your head".. are you trying to say that you moved to the second floor ?


Narayanan Venkitu said...

Change is inevitable in life isn't it.!

First time here for me and I liked what you've written about.

I've been there done that several times here in the US. It is very difficult.

Becomes even more tough when you have kids who go to school. My kids don't want to get out of Fairfield, thanks to their friends here for the last 5 years.

Good luck with your move. It is stressful. I am sure you'll settle down. BTW Where are you in the bay area?