Monday, July 25, 2005

Organizing from the Inside Out

A recent collection to my office library- "Organizing from the Inside Out" is a good manual that helps one to organize both work and home lives in a logical manner.

Useful message- I really liked this three level diagnostic piece that talks about the actual causes of clutter in life.
  • Level 1: Technical Errors - Simple, mechanical mistakes in the organization system that can be easily fixed. This is the first category of causes because all messes can be attributed to atleast one technical flaw. Solving them is the equivalent of tightening a screw, changing a bulb or aligning the steering wheel in a car.
  • Level 2: External Realities- Environmental realities that exist beyond your control that limit how organized you can be. Recognizing them would save you from having unrealistic expectations of yourself. A good example that is illustrated by the author is how speed of life/technology contributes as an enternal reality. Just because one can work 24 hours in a day doesn't mean one should. Perpertual motion, both at work and home, will eventually burn someome out. It is important to recognize that technology is a tool. Each new tool costs time and money to learn and maintain it.

"Think about that investment before buying every flashy new piece of software or electronic gizmo that comes out. Let the need drive the purchase, not the other way around."

  • Level 3: Psychological Obstacles- Hidden, internal forces that make you gravitate towards disorganization, no matter how much you crave for control. Unless you are aware of them, they can lead to sabotage any system. Awareness will help you find a way to work through these issues and achieve organizing success.