Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Reaching the Five Year Landmark

Yet another summer morning with the Californian sun is here, it is a regular week day, but, still, in my mind, this is a special day. Not because another year has passed by and we've completed yet another anniversary, but, because today we've reached a small milestone- five years of marriage.

Ours was an arranged marriage and with every passing year we've embraced our share of differences, created memories, shared secrets and learned to respect and love each other. When I flip through old emails and see the one that has a picture of him that I first saw, it brings a smile to my face. I still remember our first meeting, the words exchanged, the glances that crept across the room and the conversations that followed. There is definitely something romantic about marrying the first guy who officially comes to see you.

As the years pass by, and we build a life together, I watch our relationship take its own shape and form. Every happening and life's events brings us more closer and makes us feel more appreciative of the blessings we have.

With renewed vigor and enthusiasm, I look forward to the years ahead, with him by my side, holding my hand, as we step into the next phase in our lives.

Happy Anniversary.....

Perfect Mate By Karl Fuchs

After many years of trying
To be the perfect mate,
You've still keep up the effort,
And that's why you're so great.

My love for you keeps growing,
With each year that goes past;
The enjoyable times I spend with you
Are really quite a blast!