Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Horror Flicks

Picture: Courtesy google image

The recently released tamil movie, Yaavarum Nalam had me thinking about this genre of films. I am one of those people whose tolerance to watching blood shed and scary thrillers is absolutely minimal or even none. I can't bear to watch the level of violence that is depicted these days in movies. A nice comedy film or a romantic story or a feel good theme are the kinds of movies and shows that I can take.

Why don't I like horror and violence flicks? The answer is simple, they are not just scary, but also bring about loads of negativity. Aren't we scared about enough elements in life already to not get sucked into watching something that makes your nerves creepy. Despite the censorship in these kinds of films, there is still a lot that can be left to the imagination. Is this form of entertainment educative or productive to our minds?

A friend of mine who loves watching late night horror shows on TV and such movies told me that watching such cutting edge thrillers make her adrenaline pumping faster and keeps her going. The same friend thinks differently now that she has a young child in her house and says that it is detrimental for her kid to watch such things and become fearful of evil things etc.

Movies like Excorcist and the like are truly bone chilling and blood curling, but don't carry a theme or a positive message. Sometimes, a good thriller movie comes along, but that too, depends upon the health condition and age of the person watching it. A person who is prone to have hypertension or gets agitated easily would still find it unwise to spend time watching such elements.

As for me, just the scary factor and the hype associated with these shows and movies is enough to keep me away from them.

So, are you someone who has it in you to watch the horror genre or do you think otherwise.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What does it take to look like her?

Courtesy pics: india glitz and google images

I know that it has been exactly a month since my last post, it has been work and other stuff in life that has kept me away from blogging more frequently (excuses....), but nevertheless, the point is this blog isn't dead yet. So, without further ado-

Was recently browsing some pictures from an event "Cinema Today 2009" hosted for film technicians in Chennai and came across the picture of Suhasini Manirathnam, comperer of the evening. Everytime, I look at this woman, there is something that makes me pause and look at her picture again.

As an actress, Suhasini has not made a big impression to me, but, as a woman who carries herself with such pomp and elegance, she has my complete admiration. Not sure if it is the flowing long hair or the graceful manner in which she fits into either a saree or a modern outfit, but she has the right mix of what it takes to be a head turner. She wouldn't fall into the category of "beautiful", but, it does take a certain level of confidence to present yourself at an event or a function in attire that not only looks ordinary and simple, but somehow appears classy because she has worn it. Another thing, that adds to her persona is her trim/slim figure, I am sure she works out meticulously to keep herself toned. Being in a genre of actresses that are known to get obese with age, it does look refreshing to see someone maintain their body well. Not only does it compliment one's beauty, but certainly takes off 10 years from her age.

I often wonder is this how a woman ages gracefully, of course she is not that old to be categorized as "aged", but, a little something can be adopted from this lady on how we women need to take care of ourselves and do the right things-eating healthy (I hope my hubby doesn't read this) and working out regularly (I hope hubby doesn't read this either. Not just for the man in our lives, but we owe it to ourselves as women to maintain our appearance. While beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and physical appearance is not the measure of a woman's true beauty, it still doesn't hurt us to preserve what God has bestowed upon each one of us.

Until the next post.......