Monday, September 12, 2005

Antha "Seven" Things

I have been tagged by ttg and after a lot of brain racking as i'm sure that several things down in this list are subject to change as years pass comes....

Seven things I plan to do before i die:

  • Become HR Director of a well known company that has operations in Chennai, India and in the US.
  • Motivate and help my "significant other" to start his own company.
  • Inherit family owned property and assets in prominent locality in Chennai.
  • Travel to Swiss, Paris and parts of Europe.
  • Make my family happy by becoming a better person.
  • Build a huge palatial house with all the modern amenities, have a nice lawn and garden and great cars.
  • Make sure that my children, parents and significant other have all the financial security and emotional independence to take care of themselves.

Seven things that i can do:

  • Always be there for my loyal friends and family.
  • Mimic/Imitate people.
  • Stay alone and be happy with the solitude.
  • Cook tasty food and enjoy eating different cuisines.
  • Be direct and too out-spoken about people and their behaviors irrespective of the consequences.
  • Read Harry Potter books infinite number of times.
  • Get extremely biased and passionate about certain things to the point of being close minded.

Seven things that i can't do:

  • Pretend to show affection and niceness to mean people and tolerate dishonesty.
  • Going to the gym or working out regularly or even once in a while.
  • Put up with domination and control and bear with injustice.
  • Losing freedom and feeling a lack of control over things.
  • Holding my tongue and controlling temper.
  • Trust someone completely.
  • Writing/learning to write code or a program in even the simplest of computer programming languages and sofware.

Seven things that attracts me to the opposite sex:

  • Sense of humor that appeals to me.
  • Striking looks with good height and physique.
  • Nice personality with good manners.
  • Respect and appreciation for modern women.
  • Enjoys doing share of household chores and cooking.
  • Protects and cares with sincerity and honesty.
  • Ambitious, intelligent and hard-worker who balances life.

Seven things i say the most:

  • Whatever!
  • Oh Mane....
  • Just can't take this crap anymore
  • 'H' alo!
  • Muruga and Sairam
  • Enakula thoongitu irukaratha thatti ezhupathey-
  • Ummm

Seven celebrities i want to meet:

  • Madhavan
  • Revathy
  • Bill Clinton
  • Sachin Tendulkar
  • K. Balachander
  • Jayalalitha
  • Another person in this world who looks like me

Seven people whom i would like to take this seven tag:

  • IdeasinCA
  • Sundar72
  • Anonymously Yours
  • Priya Madhan
  • Gp
  • bb thots
  • brags

That'z it for now.................


Raju said...

Nice 7 of 7.. Helped to know you better.. :-) Will post mine soon..
I too prepared it the last weekend.. giving final touches to it.

tt_giant said...

Enakula thoongitu irukaratha thatti ezhupathey - LOL!!

Thalaivar maadhiri solreenga..

Nice list. Wishes for achieving what you desired.

mitr_bayarea said...

Gp: thanks for the reply......interested to see ur seven tags......

ttg: namba "thevar magan" le aarambicha dialogue ippo comedy king "vivek" varaikum vanthathu has always been a part of my jargon :)

ada-paavi!!!! said...

onga kulla enndahu is thoongifing?? adu konjam 2 much,

lakshmi said...

My best wishes for you to achieve the seven things that you have planned to do.

Why is that all seven?

Rags said...

Good list of things... Oh I have been tagged.. Will post my list soon...

Annamalai Sornalingam said...

I saw only 6 comments to this blog, So I am writing 7th one to make 7 tag perfectly, Your blog looks fine, I reached your blog when searching "Kanadukathan" that is my birth place. Did u find the seventh person who look like you?


Annamalai S