Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Back Home ?

It was a hectic but happy vacation time for me. Although, its not fun flying across the country for a brief 3 day visit to be with your family, nevertheless, it is good to come back refreshed.
The time was spent catching up on family gossip, playing with 2 adorable pets-a dog and a cat living under the same roof as "friends" and eating some wonderful meals made by grandmom and aunt.

The nice part about going away to one's so called "porantha veedu" is that you are the center of attention for the time that you are there and when you come back, you get loads of gifts and food packed. My significant other couldn't believe his eyes when i brought upma, aviyal, puli rice and kothmalli thogayal on a plane across the country. Not to leave out the number of shirts and gifts that every member of the family bestowed on us.

On the journey back, my thoughts on returning where kind of bittersweet- "Where is home"-

Does home mean going back to Bayarea to the place shared by my husband and me in the past 1 year or

Is New England- The place that i first landed when i came to US to go to school 4 years ago and where my aunt's family lives qualify as home or

Does Dear Old Singara Chennai- where my parents live is home for me?

Even though, 21 years of my life was spent in Chennai, people tell me that once you are married your husband's home becomes your home and family. Home is a place where i feel most relaxed, comfortable and welcoming. Even if it means coming back to work, to do your own chores-cook etc. home to me now is this new bayarea where i landed 1 year ago to carve a life.

Does every woman go through at some point in her life???


Raju said...

Welcome back.. Good to know that you had a nice time..

Interesting questions.. In this 'moving' world, home is never really the same place for long.. (atleast for us). The qns. you asked could be asked for a guy too, right? So, after marriage, both hubby and wife make their own new home and be happy in that.. We always miss the homes we have spent a significant part of life in..

Ram.C said...

This generation is moving around a lot rather than the previous generation. That's what I believe. So, whereever our mind settles, we are taking it as our hometown.

Initially, I never longed to come back to Singapore when I go to India. But nowadays, when I land at the airport, I feel at home... That's where the mind works..

mitr_bayarea said...

gp: I agree with you that the concept of home keeps changing for folks like us.Yes,eventually, as you settle down in life, home is where you establish your roots.

ram:yeah....i feel the same these days when i travel and come back to the bayarea, but not as strong as before. A visit to India seems like a vacation and these days i look forward to coming back to my place after the 3 week vacation.

tt_giant said...

I guess, I am the only single guy (until now) commenting on this. Maybe things become different after marr..

So, to this very second, my home is India.

mitr_bayarea said...

ttg: enjoy those blissful single days w/out any confusions and worries.....i'm sure you will also have lots of questions coming up later....but doesn't FL seem more like a second home these days or aren't you there yet?

tt_giant said...

Well.. before coming to FL, i was in AZ for almost 2.5 years. Not a single day I felt it like home - maybe due to student life.

inga, weather wise (except for hurricanes), it is similar..

i wish i can stay single forever!!

naan said...

Home is where we are surrounded by people we love..and feel protected by their presence. The warmth of home is related to a warm feeling of familiarity and love..I feel home whenever Iam surrounded by people I care...