Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Blogging- The Writer in all of us!

What is the common thing that all bloggers have? What is the one uniting factor in people all over the world interacting on a forum?

The answers to these questions form my thoughts for today's blog. Each of one us here have our own writing style, we have different content material-some of us like to write about movie reviews, books, music, photography, family, science, religion, politics etc. The list of topics are endless, but why is it that even though many of us haven't been great English subject lovers in school, have turned out to be different now?

This is because we all have a writer within us who hasn't had the opportunity nor the time or interest to sit down with a paper and pen and write. Long ago, people use to write daily dairies, memoirs etc but with the advent of rapidly changing technology and computer, everything has moved to typing. Nowadays, we even type up a letter in Word instead of taking the traditional way of writing with a pen. Of course, there are still a few of us who still write an occasional letter to their grandmother or someone who doesn't have access to email and computer back in India.

But, the good thing about this whole blogging thing is that it enables us to express ourselves in ways that we haven't had a chance to do so before, thereby bringing out the hidden writer ina ll of us. Of course, there are some bloggers who have wonderful writing skills which makes their blog more appealing than others, but there are others who also write more for their personal reasons than for public comments.

The lesson and positive note for everyone is write, improve grammar, style and content for better blogs- who knows, someone may turn out to become a writer after blogging for a while..........happy writing folks!!!


tt_giant said...

I agree fully.. It is only when I put it in black and white, I am able to express something. And blogging serves as an ideal platform for doing that. And it would also be fun to read what we wrote down the lane sometime (if the blogspot server doesnt crash, that is!).

I guess, initally, our posts are wayward and off the graphs, but we converge and rein ourselves in.

I am defintely learning something everyday just by blogging/blog hopping. Perhaps more while commenting.

mitr_bayarea said...

ttg: Thanks. I forgot to emphasize the learning and enthu behind posting comments too-thanks for pointing that out-yes, we do become aware or learn more new stuff by skimming thro' other people's blogs also.

Me too said...

Like I read in some blog, this is like having your own publication/periodical with no editors, no deadlines, no bosses. Just a cool way of sharing, be it information, experience, sorrows, opinions.

ada-paavi!!!! said...

bloggins somehow has turned into a platform where i can express my ideas and stufff, initially i decided to blog because i ad time and an active mind. to be frank i never really enjoyed writing that much during school and college, but what makes us want towrite so much these days? probably the understanding that someone takes the trouble to read and offer feedback. one result of blogging has been that my writing has imporved and i am happy about tat

Sundar Narayanan said...

one of my friends thesis advisors said, "if you havent written it down, you havent thought about it, if you havent published it, you havent understood it"

so true for blogs too..

Raju said...

well said.. completely accept all what u said. I wrote diary from age 11-22, after that somehow stopped. Always had a craze to read and write, so grabbed the opportunity with both hands when I had some forum to express myself, albeit with my limitations. I have not come across a really 'bad blog' yet, each has its own attractive style. Some are really awesome, which is like a benchmark for ameteurs like me to scale.

mitr_bayarea said...

me_too:writing a blog is indeed a cool way of expressing thoughts.

vatsan:glad to know that your writing has improved after blogging, but its quite true that when some of us know that there are folks out there to offer us feedback, it is definitely motivating.

sundar:thanks for the comment-its is applicable for blogs too.

raju:that is humble of you to call yourself an amateur, considering you write good content stuff, especially cricket and sports stuff-yes, every blogger have their own style.

Everyone: Thanks for all your positive feedback.