Monday, October 06, 2008

Our Golu for this year

A glimpse of our golu this year for all those who couldn't come in person. Thank you to all the friends and bloggers (some) who made it to our place last evening for viewing the golu and taking vethala-paaku-sundal.

This year's golu was a lot similar to last year's in the arrangement, still using moving boxes for the steps (padis), but got some good information from friends on the assembly of proper wooden racks from Home Depot, Ikea etc. Hopefully, next year, we'll have a much better set-up, assuming that this is a project for K to complete within the next year.

The new additions to this year's golu were the Dasavatharam set (heard that after the movie, this set is now a popular in most golus) and the Ashtalakshmis (8 Lakshmi's). The 8 Lakshmi goddess being Adi Lakshmi, Dhana Lakshmi, Dhanya Lakshmi, Gaja Lakshmi, Santana Lakshmi, Veera Lakshmi, Vijaya Lakshmi and Vidya Lakshmi.

My personal favorite is the musical Ganesha set that comprises of several forms of Ganesha either singing, playing an instrument or dancing.

A visit to the temple to see their golu display, eating lots of different types of sundal over the weekend (tasted pattani, chick peas, black-eyed peas and peanut sundals), receiving and giving small gifts as part of the vethala-paaku thamboolam, getting dressed and meeting beautifully dressed women in traditional attire, hearing some folks sing at the golus, the weekend was filled with activities and cultural fiesta.

With just a few week days of the golu left, and with Saraswathi puja and Vijayadasami, both falling on Wednesday and Thursday respectively, marking the end of this navarathri, this year's golu was another pleasant occasion.

Happy Monday....


Cham said...

I have musical Ganesha 2! I adore them. I couldn't make it this year probably next year Dear!
Thank you so much to posting the pict... It is really cool the goolu.
Hope u had a wonderful day!

Cham said...

Where is The Chettiar family and Marapachi bommai?

mitr_bayarea said...


Thanks, you can come this year too, anytime in the evening before Thursday, if possible. I remember seeing one of ur blogs on Ganesha (not sure if it was for Vinayaka chaturthi).

I don't have marapachi bommai and chettiar family, will keep them in mind during my next India visit.

Priya said...

I am so glad you are continuing here too. Your pics took me back to my days and wonderful times visitng other house and getting thier sundals too.
Love the musical ganesha..

Have a wonderful week and wishes ahead for the pooja.

Me said...

Golu looks awesome!!!

did you buy all these dolls here or from India?

anudivya said...

I envy you and Cham! Being able to visit each other :( and Grrr!
Golu looks so pretty... is it true that if you keep a golu, it has to be done every consecutive year from there on?
Or is it just a myth?

Spillay said...

Very nice. We went to temple last Firday and we even lucky to see some dancers perform. It was the first for my boys to witness the classical Indian dance (Bharata Natyam) and they enjoyed it very much :)

Happy week to you too!!!

Uma said...

wow, beautiful golu dear! I like the idea of using moving boxes for the steps. You have a lovely collection of dolls. Especially ashtalaxmi.

BTW, isn't today saraswati puja?

Vineela said...

Hi Mitr,
love your koluvu.
Even i used the moving boxes for making steps.
thanks for sharing.

Jayashree said...

Your golu looks very nice. I too use moving boxes for the steps. There's less after-golu work involved that way.

AJEYA RAO said...

Beautifully arranged. So what did you cook? I am gonna miss my Dasara, I wont be able tot ravel home. Dasara in my hometown is very special with several functions, pooja's and yakshagana's in 2 temples near my house during all 9 days.

Laavanya said...

Beautiful golu Mitr.. thanks for sharing the pics with us. The musical Ganesha set is adorable... I don't think we have the ashtalaxmis at home... I haven't been home for 12 golus so far so don't remember much details abt the dolls now :(

Krishnan said...

Great Kolu Mitr. Hope you can send sundal my way :-)

mitr_bayarea said...

Priya- thanks, just an attempt at trying to re-create golu here in whatever way possible.

Me- some from India and some from local Komala Vilas.

Anudivya- Yes, if you are in Bay area you too can visit. As for as keeping golu, I guess the saying goes that if you start keeping one year, you must try and continue unless there is some death or so that prevents from celebrating, but, being away from India, mostly it is convenience, as to what one can do or not.

Spillay- That is so cool that ur boys sat through and watched the dance.

Uma- thanks, nope, sarawasthi puja is on tomrorow, Wed. On our temple calendars here in US, sometimes they put the dates during the weekend to enable folks to celebrate ahead.

Vineela and Jayashree- Thank you.

Ajeya- just sundal and some sevvai for the guests and a sweet (store bought). Can imagine hoe festive it would be in India.

Laavanya- yes, being in Bay Area helps us to remember some Indian traditions.

Krishnan- Thanks, you have to come in person and sing to get sundal :)-

na_an said...


The golu looks awesome! Good job. Thanks for the tasty snacks! WE had a good time.

Cham said...

Thank U once again, week days evening re tight :( Wish you a Happy Sarasw Pooja and Vijaya Dashami!

Just someone said...

Beautiful Kolu!:) its my favorite festival and miss all the excitement back home as a kid:)

the planning and preparation and the final display:)

great arrangement!!!

Shruthi said...


Sireesha said...

Golu looks awesome and fantastic dear:)

Aparna said...

I love the musical Ganesha set...each time I want to get the set; I end up with something else. Nice kolu u have...home depot/lowes..they are really good in helping out with the steps thingie..try it out. I helped a friend get it done. Was planning on doing it this year there...u know how it went :)

thetastetinkerer said...

very cool, Mitr....I have a collection of musical Ganeshas as well....also my favorite!

Vidhya said...

Nice bommai collection. Looks nice.

Shankar said...

Hey awesome Golu... nice too see so many people keeping the tradition goining..