Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Change is part of life

The last few days have been a whirlwind of activities and happenings. Amidst all that, the daily routine goes on. A weekday is a typical weekday with the usual waking up, packing lunch, gobbling through the morning's breakfast and beverage and the commute to work. In the office, its going through the same old emails, solving new issues that arise, surfing through new blog posts etc. Depending on the kind of day you've had, the time seems to have flown by or the day drags itself. Come evening, the commute back home, plans for dinner, a quick workout, watching the never ending polls and debates on CNN, the news and its time to hit the sack for the day.

Routine is like my anchor to day to day life. More than the routine, a sense of familiarity makes life secure for me. A familiar place called home to come to, sleeping in the same bed, going to the same office day after day, watching the same show over and over again make the world a safe haven for me.

A slight change in status quo or events doesn't board well with me at all. Forget even accepting the change, even being open to changes in living is not my cup of tea. I know some of my friends who are also wary of changes in life, but, still, I guess they accept it as part of life and go with the flow. There are others who thrive on change, meaning a routine way of doing things, repeating the same activities etc. becomes mundane and makes life dull and boring. New activities, new ventures, or a mere change in the order/way of doing things keeps them going.

My lack of willingness to embrace change and fear of the unknown and unplanned is something that needs to be overcome. Sure, it is not going to happen overnight, but adding a touch of spontanity will sure make life better, it seems. While, even opportunities for taking risks and trying out new things don't come our way often in life, I think being a little optimistic on the whole concept of change will atleast make me look at those as opportunities and not as threats. Writing this post, makes me think that every situation in life needs to go through a SWOT analysis (something from my management classes)- look at the Strengths, analyze the Weaknesses, seize the Opportunities and know the Threats to make a successful management decision.

While, I am may not end up turning a new leaf and embracing change right away, atleast I can watch it from the sidelines and try not to be overly critical of the changes in other people's lives.

By Aldo Kraas

I need to have more patience with others
I can’t fight with people anymore
Because fighting is no good for me and others
What can I change?
The way I think I must change
What can I change?
Get the negative thoughts out of my life
What can I change?
My feelings towards myself and others


Mansi said...

an engaging and encouraging read Mitr! everyone should accept change and embrace it, adapt to it, rather than cursing it...that's the only way you'll realise that it was vital for your growth!:)

Vidhya said...

nice post mitr. I am sorry I don't remember your name cos many people visit our place when my father-in-law is around here. Anyways nice to meet u

Spillay said...

Hi Mitr. Well,... I guess you know where I stand on this (from my recent post: Wiggling Out Of The Mold). I guess my underlying need is always about the "learning curve" and "significance". As you know, I can be happily chugging along fine with routine, when all of a sudden I will berrate myself for "not learning anything new". When I am in this mood, I can end up feeling very dissapointed in myself if I had flatlined the learning curve. Hmm....

Cham said...

I remember ur recent post about hair makeover which u talked how people can be bold and change a look! (the older post make sense now Mitr!)
Some little changes can bring some brightness, new life, some experiments, learning, another point of view... You cannot make it overnight of course , try once you will definetly feel good!

Jayashree said...

Iam the other kind of person that you talked about - I welcome change with open arms. Love the poem - especially the part about fighting being a fruitless exercise. That's exactly how I feel most of the time.

DEESHA said...

that was a nice read. I am also wary of changes that happen in my life. Iam too used to routine .. I guess its time that i changed my outlook

Sachita(india) said...

With the particular issue you have in mind, i honestly don't feel it is a change at all, a change would be say some one resigning from a high tech job to work at star bucks:)

Mavin said...

Once in your comfort zone, change is the least welcome visitor.

Come it will because that is its nature as you said it - It is a part of life.

The funny part is it is different for every person. For some the changes are gradual and at times subtle such that it is hardly recognised. For others, change is dramatic and sudden. Some others may find that change hurts or is forced upon them.

To each their own. You never know how life wants you to change. Maybe, in your case life is kind and change has been gradual and subtle.

AJEYA RAO said...

Hello Mitr,
Can you email me to ajeyar@yahoo.com...I wanted to know your email id

Krishnan said...

Mitr, nice to go through your ruminations. Yes I too share your views. Once we settle into our comfort zone, it is indeed irksome when we have to confront change. The poem was nice too.

Aparna said...

Well, my life has been a whirlwind of changes the last year. I don't really know what is up in the future for me. One book that keeps coming to my mind is "Who moved my cheese?" Sometimes I wonder which rat I depict! :) I have no choice in the matter accept and move on :) Wish I could have the routine life.
Just wondering what made you write this post though? What change are you staring at in life now?! :) Whatever it is...wishing you the best! :D

Me said...

Typical Taurean!

anamika said...

Nice read,Mitr! I can related to it in some ways, coz I do hate changes at work place - love the comfort zone.

mitr_bayarea said...

Mansi- True, liked your last sentence on realizing how its important for growth.

Vidhya- Yes, yuo may have to see me to remember.

Spillay- Yes, I think from your posts you have a lot more enthu and vigour to try new things, when you are in the mood for it.

Cham- You got that right- thanks.

Jayashree- Yes, felt the poem was apt with this post.

Deesha- join the club.

Sachita- Hmm..you know me and my daily happenings.

Mavin- Thanks for sharing your thoughts, it was helpful.

Ajeya- Will do and Congrats once again.

Krishnan- Thanks.

Aparna- Compared to your life experiences, I have absolutely nothing to whine about. I am sure that with time your routine life will come back.

Me- Amazing how you found that out, did I come across that predictable?

Anamika- welcome here. You are so with me when you say that you too detest changes in the work place, same here.

Me said...
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