Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Movie Stars turning to Politics

With the TN assembly elections approaching, new bonds and relationships are forming as film stars turn to offer their support and popularity to the "kazhagam aatchi" (AIADMK, DMK, MDMK etc.) in Tamil Nadu. Rumors of actor X and actress Y joining a party speards like wildfire amongst the masses and especially to their ardent fans who diligently follow their star's words and offer their support towards the party's election campaign and voting.
Looking back at the history of Tamil Nadu, stalwarts like MGR, Karunanidhi, JJ were all off shoots of the cine field who used their mass appeal to enter politics and this tradition has continued over the years in the South. And, once election ends, its not uncommon for these folks to end the so-called "kootani" and start bitching about their political counter-parts.
A look at some of the recent movie stars entries into politics to refresh our memories.
1. S Ve. Shekhar- Most recent entry whose name was announced on the AIADMK Candidate list by CM and party leader J Jayalalitha.
2. Karthik- Yestteryear popular hero who initially tried to get into DMK but failed and then promptly went to AIADMK where he was not accepted, now his party would be contesting alone in the coming elections.
3. Captain Vijayakanth- An actor who is well known for his genorosity behind the scenes and who has a spot amongst the rural masses for his action oriented and village themes, recently launched his party and made his foray into politics and will be facing his first election.
4. Kushboo-A popular heroine in the 90's Kushboo's attempt at entering politics has failed and she has denied contesting against a young politician favoring a particular party in the coming elections.
And, last but definitely not the least SuperStar himself, who stands like the Iron Man whose words and actions seem to make up the minds of more than half of Tamil Nadu. Inspite of the actor's decision not to support any political party in the coming election, his fans seem to rush off in directions supporting AIADMK and calling themselves the Rajini Makkal Kazhagam, as a new party. However, the Superstar's intervention at a timely moment stopped further party plans.
Let's wait and see as to who the next set of cinema stars who attempt political entry in the coming elections are going to be!


smiley said...

hopefully movie stars will look into the reality of this world if they are elected as leaders :)

Me too said...

"Kushboo - she has denied contesting against a young politician favoring a particular party in the coming elections" - who is that 'young politician'?

Balaji said...

didnt know karthik wasnt accepted into those 2 parties. do u know why? i didnt think anyone was disallowed from joining a party since he may get a few votes!

tt_giant said...

If I am not mistaken, Kushboo wanted to stand against Stalin in 1000 lights, but that was not to be.

Karthik's case was interesting indeed. As all of us know, JJ's U.P.S Sasikala hails from the devar community and so does Karthik. So, that would complicate relations and more if and when Karthik slices up the devar vote bank.

It is indeed unfortunate that superstar's name is being pulled this time too. avar summa irundhaalum seiydhi aagudhu!

Kaps said...

A Small clarification -
S V Sekhar is not a new entrant in the political arena. He has contested as an independent (?) candidate from mylapore before and lost his deposit.

Till recently, he was with the BJP and moved to the ADMK only now.

raz said...

well! with all these ppl entering into politics.. i will be happy iif something good happens to the country! and definitely karthik is gaining momento in the elections

Raju said...

Though the 'thalaivars' might have good hearts, the 'thondars' all seem to be money-mongers.. I guess we dont a good choice apart from the DMK-ADMK duo for atleast a decade.. Unlike MGR, Vijayakanth is producing duds around the time of his entry into politics.. He should have started his party right after 'Ramanaa'..

mitr_bayarea said...

smiley- its all hope, but nothing concrete seems to happen.

me_too: I think Stalin should'nt forever be referred to as young.

balaji- I guess Karthik's fickle mindedness and his lack of commitment to anything be it cinema or politics must have been the cause.

ttg-Interesting, didn't know about Karthik's devar vote issues.

kaps-yes, but his moving to AIADMK after all his criticism about JJ is shameful.

raz-let's see what these cinema folks are going to do.

Ram.C said...

In yesterday's Sun TV news, I observed Karthik's announcement that he is going to field some 60 plus candidates for his own party...

Unnecessary loss of money..

Instead he can produce a movie with a new director and change of his get up.. and dialogue delivery. Atleast he may succeed there, in the known ground.

Viji said...

hahaha, it'll be very funny.
kekkum bodhe enaku sirippu vardhu...