Friday, March 10, 2006

The Mush Register from HINDU

(picture: courtesy of HINDU)

I am a regular reader of the online version of THE HINDU; especially the supplementary features that come along with the main edition of the paper every day. My favorite is the Metro Plus section that appears every other day. There is a column named "The Mush Register" which portrays a happily married couple, mostly middle or older aged couples who have a few lines to say about their spouse, love and marriage years. The articles are mostly accompanied by a picture of the couple and just a small paragraph on what each of them have to say.

I was touched by reading this week's Mush Register and wanted to share it with fellow bloggers-

Article Titled: Surmounting Odds Hariharan with wife Sita

You can't find such a selfless man. He has carried me on his shoulders after my bones became brittle due to osteoporosis. Although a walker enables me to barely stand on my feet, I need assistance at every stage. He comes to my aid instantly whenever I require attention. Sometimes, my eyes brim with tears when I see him help me. He does all this despite his own load of health problems — spondylitis, vertigo and high blood pressure.

We have been married for 51 years and she has taken care of me for most of this period. Now, it's my turn. Both our sons are settled in the United States and our daughter is recovering from lung cancer. In this scenario, friends and neighbours have been a great support to us. The apartment complex we live in can be called a home for the aged. There are about a dozen senior citizens and we help one another. Almost everyone battles with health problems and some wrestle with loneliness.

(As told to Prince Frederick of Hindu)

Your thoughts...............................?

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raz said...

tagged! check my blog!

Nyneishia said...

They are special.. :) To have found the accept each other soulfully and be their for each other - the best gift they could ever ask for..
And how many miss out on that.

Wish all of us find ourselves in this state of love and joy.

Shiv Shankar said...

Mush register is a very nice coloumn in Hindu I read it all the time ..

Shiv Shankar said...

Lot of times love life is not a bed of roses at som pont in your life we face adversities and thats the true test of Love ..and this couple have crossed that barrier with immense love for each other .

Raju said...

Heard of Mush register first time from you.. Very touching story indeed.

mitr_bayarea said...

raz:will get to it soon...

nyneishia: yes, absolutely! Wish we could all have found soulmates who would be like that 30 years from now...

shiv_shankar:yes, i agree...this couple have also shared mutual respect for one another besides love.

yes, mush register in HINDU is getting popular these days owing to its realistic, practical contents on the day to day living between couples.

Me too said...

That was very moving!

BTW, what is with the name 'Mush register'? My first thought on seeing the title was "What? Something about Musharraf's register?"

mitr_bayarea said...


Since, its content is about the love between a couple, i guess they have titled it "Mush Register", some of the stories shared by some couples are good.