Friday, March 24, 2006

Long Distance Surprises

This morning was yet another one, except that it was Friday, last day of the longest work week. As i was getting ready to leave, the landline phone rings and special K picks it up and says that its for me. My immediate thought and question was Is it from India, my parents? K says, Nope, doesn't seem like it as the caller ID says restricted or something like that.

I take the phone from K and say "Hello.." someone screams my name at the top of her voice through a disturbing connection and i keep saying hello, who is this.......this person keeps talking to me saying how are you, you can keep wondering who i am while i talk etc.

My memory seems to be running through a list of possible names, and i find myself saying Hey, I have heard this voice before, it seems vaguely similar, oh, but i don't know who this is. Then, the voice says I am your friend ------- calling from UAE.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, now i know who this is, none other than one of my close friends from high school whom i have known over the past 10 years and we hadn't talked/ met in 2 years since i moved to California and she got married and moved to Dubai.

Strange are the happenings of life and even more surprising are the human brain's retention capacity. This is coming from someone who remembers people over years, but, for the first time has forgotten to place a close pal's voice just because its been 2 years since we talked.

Is this a sign of growing old or is it because the phone call came at a totally unexpected time as a surprise? Still wondering..............................................................

Happy Weekend!


smiley said...

Pleasant surprise :)

Me too said...

The morning rush-time must be the culprit!

Balaji said...

i think it's the unexpectedness that does that. happened so many times and not just with friends i'm talking with after 2 yrs either. i'll be expecting a call from someone and when another person calls, i have trouble placing him though i've talked to them so many times :)

raz said...

sometime unexpected things brings in so much smiles :)

mitr_bayarea said...

smiley- hmmm.

me_too- guess so.

balaji-quite true.

raz- it does and it also makes us feel bad if we forget to place the voice with the person.