Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Achtung Chandramukhi & Chaiyya Chaiyya Song

Did you know?

Chandramukhi is the first tamil film that is now being dubbed into German and Turkish languages and will be released in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Turkey countries in June. The overseas distributor of Rajnikanth's mega movie has managed to pull strings and sold the dubbing rights of the movie to the Cologne based 'Rapid Eye' company.

Just imagine the global audience, a mixture of white folks and persians who do not understand English or Hindi watching thalaivar in this stunning ghost story.

Is laklakala going to be translated into German too? Articles quote that they are surely going to say- "Achtung...." (The war cry of the Nazis which means, Look out! Take care) Thalaivar is here!

Of course, intense googling will tell you that Mani Rathnam's Thiruda Thiruda has got its german version too and Chandramukhi is not the first tamil film to be dubbed in German, but when it comes to Super Star, its always, the first.

Along similar content, Dilse's Chaiya Chaiya song is the title song and ending music when the credits are up in Denzel Washinton's recent film "InsideMan."

Are Indian cinema and music adding spice to western movies and catering to a global audience?


Shiv Shankar said...

I am very excited abt shivaji ..hope it does good .The part of the movie is shot in japan to cater to rajni's fans in japan

raz said...

thanai thalaivar na athu oruthar mathum than! :) Rajini Vazhgaaaa

Sachita(india) said...

Who knows, may be your thalaivar would be a big hit in germany just as he is in Japan.

Have not watched chandramukhi but have watched manichitra thazhu.

Between, when do you guys propose your thalaivar should retire?

mitr_bayarea said...

yes, sivaji is being shot all around the globe-Japan, Germany, song sequence in Spain etc. Looking forward to watching the movie in IMC 6.


Yes, he probably will spin his fan web in Germany too. As long as there are top make up folks in Hollywood who can transform Thalaivar to suit his screen image, he can continue to act.

Anu said...

hey mitr
Just watched lord of war with nicolas cage.... in this one we have a "Bombay" theme music of A.R.Rehman,played in the background of a scene in Africa...:)) , beleive me it was weird