Thursday, April 20, 2006

A Fresh Look into the Dowry System in India

For those of you who aren't familiar with the dowry system in India or for thos eof you think that dowry giving and taking practices are no more happening in India, here are some updates.

Dowry is a form of wedding gift, usually money, material items such as jewels, applicances, car, homes, etc. (the list of dowry items are endless) given by the bride's parents either before, during or after the wedding depending on their tradition and religious custom. Now before you make that grimace of distate, thinking that dowry doesn't happen in the cities, its only shown in movies and happens sparesely in remote, illiterate villages of India, you have to accept the fact that dowry is still prevelant, mostly done behind the screens, even in well to do comunities as a symbol of exhibiting their status, family honor etc.

The underlying purpose of dowry in those days was a means of security for a married woman who was niether educated nor independent. It was an emergency fund/savings account set by the girl's parents in case of any marital problems or abandonment of a woman by her husband.

Well,in today's era of India's growing modernism and changing trends, amidst websites like, hindu classifieds etc. a new website for the anti-dowry folks has been set up by one Mr.Satya who wants to do his part to eradicate dowry as well as create a service oriented business.

This website has lists and photos of brides and grooms, like any other matrimonial website, but with a difference in that where these individuals are not for sale and are all for standing up against receiving or giving dowry for their marriages.

The website was recently inaugrated by Mrs.Nalini Chidambaram and Satya, the owner says that he offers free registration for accessing the site, but charges a nominal fee to view membee profiles.

It looks like the response to such a website has been phenomenal with more than 350 profiles getting posted within the first 3 days of its launch.

Kudos to the unique ideas of folks like Satya.....


Prasanna said...

Vent visited the website yet. Ll do it soon. Looks to be a gud one. Am sure the hits ll keep increasing.

Me too said...

Good pointer!

It is this dowry, the marriage expenses and the likes that makes people to commit unthinkable crimes like female foeticide!

Also, dowries were given since women didn't have property rights before.

Balaji said...

i'm one of those who thot dowry happened only in movies! but guess its still prevalent. then this is definitely a worthy initiative.

tt_giant said...

Definitely a good initiative! Kudos to Satya. I hope the website reaches the masses.

mitr_bayarea said...


guess so, it sure looks like its gaining popularity.


true, these days women have property rights and dowry system only worsens having a female child killed.


Glad you admitted that you were unaware of real life happening dowry issues in India. It is still prevalent in many communities starting at the lower level to the richest man, in some cases its openly disclosed and in others its all behind the scenes.

yes, its a good initiative as well as a business plan.

Swarup said...

What is the grantee that if your marriage does not suceed and if
your wife say you had asked dowry, will any one belive and will not
send your age old parents, pregent sister behind the bar,
irrespective you want dowry or not ?

That is called 498A and DV act.

Secondly, would you please tell me :-

What is called "Dowry" and waht is called "Streedhan".

Next waht is called SOWRY?

Some people born as Blind and some People made blind by so called
Feminist, I wonder which one you are.

Yes when a Dishonest Daughter- in- law will rape some one's Mother,
sister or small child, we proudly say.. I don't want dowry , please
leave me, but Indian Law and society will not understand that, you
have not asked dowry….