Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Youngest Director for Guiness Book from India

Master Kishan Shrikanth is bringing more fame to India than any other youngster today. Born to the Shrikanth-Shylaja couple in Karnataka on January 6, 1996, this young chap is all set to enter the Guinness Book as the youngest film director at the age of 10.

Kishan is a well-known child actor in the Kannada film industry today. As of year 2006, he has a strong track record of having acted in 24 films and on a popular soap opera in Indian television.

This talented boy doesn't stop at acting and is pursuing a dream far and beyond his age, inspite of his next-door neighbor's kid looks.

He is all set to direct his first commercial film titled "C/o Footpath" (Care of Footpath). The story is about an orphaned boy who wants to go to school and make it big in life. Kishan's inspiration for this comes from wanting to do something for the orphan children he sees on the streets in Bangalore.

Besides, directing the project, Kishan is also playing the lead role. He has also written the story and is quite knowledgeable about calling shots from behind the camera. His cinematography and directional skills were acquired during his acting days from the age of 6.

C/o Footpath has Bollywood star Jackie Sheroff and a few other Kannada actors and is going to be shot in Kannada and will then be remade in Tamil and Hindi. This 135 minute film is being produced by Kishan's mother Shylaja who is a movie music director herself.

Kishan is planning an April 2006 summer holiday release and is busy juggling shooting schedules and issuing orders to the team as director.

As per current record, the youngest director of a professional film is Sydney Ling from Netherlans who directed the film "Lex the Wonderdog" at the age of 13.

If Kishan succeeds in his venture, he would break Sydney Ling's record and become the youngest director to direct a feature film.

Good Luck to Kishan for his directorial venture and in bringing glory to India!


Raju said...

wow.. that is great to hear.. A news for me. If we think about what we were doing at the age of 10.. mmm..

All the very best to him!!

smiley said...

Hi that was good info, youngest director.
Thanks for stopping by my site. The photo was taken somewhere close to Mutukadu and as far as i know Madras has some of the greatest beaches in the world. how about bay area?

carkar said...

Thats great news. Its amazing how such an young mind can come up with all that.

Ash said...

Morning Mitr...

Came across this boy in the news on tv...all the best for him

but isn't it too much of an ask ..as in 10 years ...as in in STD IV or V..
i know people play chess and all that but direction is a differnet cup of tea all together ...

skeptical!!!! about such ventures and such records ....

raz said...

yeah i agree with ash! i strongly believe that ppl shld do wht is required for their age , particularly kids... acting is a different thoroughfare, but direction... no comments! i am 1000% sure the kids parents are forcing on him! i pity him honestly

raz said...
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mitr_bayarea said...

yeah, its rare kids like these that make you look up.

thanks.Oh, beach near Mutukadu-the picture looked good. Bay Area is along the coast and North of San Francisco we do have some nice beaches, that are really quiet and primitive-of course, the water is too cold to stand etc.


looks like he has the natural flair for direction and acting, so let's wait and see. If he has made it to the news this far, i am sure he is going to make it big.

actually, one of the internet articles mentioned that the idea was Kishan's and he looked for encouragement and support from his family, which they were ready to provide.

Of course, kids should act their age, but there are some special kida like these who have some sort of talent in them that they depict at a young age. If this young boy,didn't have any clue on direction, why would top bollywood stars act in his film. Why would Kishan be a candidate for the Guinness Book's then?

I surely believe that if he has made it to the media with this, its worth waiting to watch a film based on an orphan kid acted and directed by this boy.

Balaji said...

considering the crap that many older directors r churning out these days, this may be something to look fwd to. really fresh blood :)

mitr_bayarea said...


Absolutely. With some poor directors generating nothing but worthless masala films, this should come in like w whiff of fresh air, so let's wait and see.

Me too said...

I too read about this recently. But like some of the other commentors here, I too doubt if it is too much for a kid his age. He can become a great director when he grows up but the childhood years will not come back!

raz said...

mmm Mitr, u think he will tell in the media that he is doing it for his parents and he is being forced?? naa... he will not,

If this whole work is done for fame and money or for the sole purpose getting to the world record?? then what there is no wonder, y his work is being nominated to go there. again the bollywood actor may act for the same reason- fame/money.

yeah we have child prodigy , but if u look at them they dont hail from families of the same profession or field.. well not always not but is majority of the cases...

I feel, kids should be kids..

Vanathi said...

My best wishes for Kishan...

arvindh said...

That sounds fantastic! A social consciousness raising movie by a ten year old. Children are the ones who can do that!

mitr_bayarea said...

me_too and raz-
Thanks for your opinions, let us see if this boy makes a successful director or not. Hope he doesn't miss out on his childhood days.


I too think that this story taken from a child's perspective will be a different one.

KISHAN said...