Tuesday, January 17, 2006

From Chennai- Madhavan & his dosas

Picture from Hindu -Photo by N. Sridharan

Today's Hindu online's supplement section features an article on happening events in Chennai. Since, this event is popular because of my favorite hero-here goes today's blog on Maddie and his dosa making skills.

The Place: Planet Yumm in Ascendas Park, along the IT corridor, Chennai

The Occasion: Grand opening by Actor Madhavan and cricketers Balaji and Robin Singh

The Cause: Madhavan declaring that he would secure Rs. 2 lakhs out of his dosa making event to donate to The Banyan, a home run by actress Revathi as a non-profit institution for mentally ill and destitute women.

The Gala Event:

Madhavan draped in his Nala Damayanthi style chef apron plays the role of a Palimar dosa chef. He starts out by making one dosa, which he improvises to dosa 2, watched in eager anticipation by a crowd of his women fans. He keeps working on his dosas with rapt concentration, furrowed brows by adding ghee on the edges and tossing them deftly onto their crisp sides once they are done.

Then, the dosas are put up for auction. The pair of dosas opened for Rs.500 and while the crowd booed, Maddie yelled his price of Rs.2000. The auction kept mounting as women started to plunge in to overbid Maddie's price till it went upto Rs.12,000. Maddie who is now all rolled up into auctioning himself, quotes a firm Rs.20,000 for his hand made dosas. A bidder yelled Rs.25,000 and Maddie surprises everyone by announcing that he'd still add his 20,000 bucks.

Imagine- the price of 2 cold dosas now Rs.45,000 and sure Madhavan does melt hearts as well ashe makes melty dosas ends the applause.

The auction continued......Maddie then proceeded to make 2 cups of steaming mochas and sold it for Rs.25,000 to two girls who proudly told a stunned Maddie that they are the ones paying for this coffee.

Looks like the auction went on till a lot more money was collected and all credit goes to Madhavan.

Is this Maddie Madness at its fullest?

Hmmm..(sighing..................wish i was there to watch my favourite hero at this event)

Have a nice evening!!!


Raju said...

LOL'ed at ur jollufying.. Madhavan, despite having delivered his last yet ages ago, still seems to be favorite to a lot of people.. mmm...

On a serious note, the whole thing was very well written and the intentions of Madhavan are well appreciated. Nice way to get funding for Banyan.. I hope many more stars come forward for such noble causes.

mitr_bayarea said...

raju:hmmm....not jollufying, but just summarizing what the article talked about and highlighting Madhavan's image here and there.

Balaji said...

"sighing..................wish i was there to watch my favourite hero at this event" - ipdi sollittu apram enna "not jollufying and just summarizing"??!! :)

but its a good cause and definitely creative. nice job maddy!

mitr_bayarea said...

ok..ok...naan etho oru Maddy fan cum enthule potuten, inime no such blogs.....

Thought, people would be amazed at dosas being sold for Rs.45,000, instead the focus of the blog has been diverted significantly, so from now, will be careful of what i write :)

Raju said...

Just chumma kaal-vaarufying.. thats all.. U plz be urself in writing..

I did indeed wonder at the Dosas being auctioned for such huge prices.. I read urs minutes after reading that someone gifted Univ. Florida about 10 M $.. so kinda paled in comparison..

True true.. whoever bought that dosa.. great.. would have thought "mm.. this mouthful of dosa is about a thousand bucks"... :-)

Me too said...

"Hmmm..(sighing..................wish i was there to watch my favourite hero at this event)" - Verum watching mattum poruma? oru piece dosai venama? :)
Nice gesture by Maddy. We really enjoyed his 'Nala Thamayanti'.
Waiting to watch 'Rang de basanti'?

mitr_bayarea said...


Rs.45,000 ellam kuduthu dosai sapda muthiyathu.

Yeah, Nala Damayanthi was a well made film that highlighted Maddy's acting skills.

Rang De Basanti has Aamir Kahan right?

Rising...... said...

GOOD ONE..my fav hero.. hey raju, his best is not ages man, coming out in near future........

mitr_bayarea said...

Thanks, am glad to hear abt your enthusiasm that Maddy still has some good stuff coming out in the future, let's hope.

Viji said...

I'm a die-hard Maddy fan too. But I won't buy dosas for more than Rs.20 even if he sells it ;)
I like him best in Kannathil muthamittal,Alaipayuthey and Dum Dum Dum,in that order :)