Thursday, January 19, 2006

Coming up Saarang 2006 from IIT, Madras

Do you know what is shaking Chennaites now? Do you know what is the most popular and publisized culturals in Madras? Well, well.....Come Jan24-29th, IIT Madras is opening its gates for the biggest cultural fest that shakes the city- Saarang 2006.

More than a thousand students are involved in co-ordinating and perfecting their skills for this gala event. It is indeed a great show with a budget running close to a crore and the co-ordinators who put in their time, effort and energy into making this a grand time for all of the Chennai youth.

Indeed, everything is student managed and a lot of networking, making contacts with high level artists, community folks with amazing talents, finding sponsors, going after the advertisements etc all go into making this happen.

Just want to highlight this year's pro-show- Starting with the violin duo Ganesh-Kumaresh, and light music night featuring Shankar Mahadevan, Ehsaan Noorani and Loy Mendosa, the ending event is going to be a rock show featuring Led Zepplica and Parikrama.

Apart from this, there will be the usual Speaking Events, Informals, Quizzes, Performances and Literary Events amidst several others.

I really had a good time enjoying SPB's light music performance at Saraang in 2000 when i was back in India. It was indeed a fun time with a bunch of us-college makkal, meeting fellow folks in the jam packed open air theatre and booing and screaming for SPB with our requests. The show lasted till 11 pm and SPB kept going on and on- Saarang is indeed a time for Chennai youths to have a bash of a time!!!

Finally, read that this year the IIT folks have decided to reach out to people all over the world by creating a blog dedicated to the making of Saarang, apart from the official site

For those of you in Chennai- Don't miss this event!!!


Raju said...

mmm.. I miss 'Vibrations' of IISc.. Total fun for few days, esp. in the evenings, with fashion shows, dance competitions and pop..

raz said...

well sarang yeah! u know its like this. when i was in college couple of years back, every year sarang was the topic of the year- we plan to go n c , plan to participate once out of college, its all over :) now my brother who is in final year is planning about the same! :)

Ash said...

it is time for saarang again this year .......mmmmm

mitr_bayarea said...

hmm...i can imagine how much of fun IISC's culturals would have been in Bangalore.

yeah, it is nostalgic, when you think of how even we used to plan so much about going to Saarang, etc. and now i have cousins in college who talk about it the same way, the cycle continues......

did i just bring you to speed on Saarang:)