Friday, July 21, 2006

A Man and his Mood Swings

Well.....I guess my motivation to blog, inspite of the decreasing number of comments comes from the fact that there are so many things I would like to write about, vent and rant and rave about. So, here goes some of my thoughts from an article that I read recently in Hindu.

Quite often we come across articles that talk about women's moodswings, tempers or even a group of men who comment about their inability to understand their wives moods etc. and rarely does a writer or columnist go about discussing a man's moodswings.

An article that i read recently made some nice reading material on how a man has his mood swings.

In reality, most women only have mood swings at predictable moments, even if some of them are for the worse. But, a man's mood swings are extremely unpredictable and can blow you off your feet in no time. So, how do many women who can hardly fathom the basis of such anger get to cope with their men is a question that all of us must ask.

Although there are several moods a man can go through, its basically the following three moods that he expresses while being in a relationship.

The first one, being the possessive streak. This one stirs up occasionally when you talk too much about another man or praise his deeds or make a comment on his appearance and can cause him to go either really quiet or just answer in one liners or monosyllables. This mood shows on his face and lasts for a while atleast and makes the woman jump into asking explanations and apologies. The best way to handle this type of mood swing as per the writer of the article is to first tell him the reason and then assure him that he's the one for you. If this doesn't work and he still acts immature, then be upfront with him about his childishness and even then if he doesn't act normal, ignore him for a while and he will run to you soon.

The second mood is the general "I hate everything all of a sudden". This mood happens out of the blue, especially if he doesn't get his own way either at work or if he is simply too bored of a routine in his life. When this pops up, its good to boost their ego slightly by doing things his way or performing his favorite activities etc. without overdoing it, since this may become an expectation in the long run.

The third and last mood is the "stubborn mule" mood where he will stick to his guns, no matter what and expect you to toe the line as per his demands. He would argue or have the final word stating that he is right and offer his reasons for being right come out of a logic. If this is reasonable, then the female folk out there can choose to listen or if his demands seem too unreasobale, then the best way is to walk away since you can do much better.

Anyways, thought this was an interesting analysis for sharing with the bloggers....


naan said...

Well I think mood swings vary from person to person I guess..In general I tend to think that mood swings, depend little bit on physical condition/state..for example, in the morning, generally people are chirpy, but towards the end of the day, everybody is tired and feel little low. Anyways..interesting post.

Balaji said...

i think that 2nd "i hate everything..." mood swing is the 1 i go through most often. i'd rather be left alone though during those times though! if the wife does try to get me out of it, i get irritated, then she gets irritated and it turns into a fight :)

Priya said...

Interesting post!