Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Leave of Absence Update

What with the usual office routine and working on a Compensation Management class outside work, was swamped with assignments and projects. Last class is tonight and can't wait for our final presentation to get over this evening. Have a trip to visit my parents and family in Boston and a mini trip planned to Niagara falls all of next week. Back to Bay Area for a brief time at work to catch up on stuff and them off to Mauii, Hawaii with special K for the Labor Day weekend.

Will blog the travel stuff as and when time permits.


Prasanna said...

guess u r gonna have a blast. Enjoy and keep blogging

Sundar Narayanan said...

at least neeyaavadhu bloga moodittu oodama irundhiye !!


Balaji said...

maui... wow! me very jealous. ensoy :)

tt_giant said...

WHoa! Maui. cool!

Have a nice time!

Ash said...

sounds interesting