Tuesday, July 18, 2006

New Outsourcing Terminology

Was reading last month's TIME magazine, and was amused at some of the outsourcing terminology that was mentioned. India, which is currently at one of its peak periods with its offshore outsourcing business is now the talk of most work place conversations within the US.

Bangalored : It refers to India's high-tech hub, and it means your job has just moved to India without you.

As many of us are aware, India's IT giants such as Infosys, Wipro, TCS etc. are all tapping the outsourcing boom by hiring quick-coding, English speaking, low paying techies to do their back office tasks and programming stuff. But, Bangalore is busting at the seams, in terms of its heavy traffic, narrow roads, pollution and lack of more space to expand. Not only that, the turnaround time for Indian engineering colleges to produce highly skilled employees isn't fast enough to keep up with theglobal trend. Hence, US and other foreign counterparts have also started looking beyond India and China at Phillipines and Eastern European countries to outsource their work.

But, the Indian software market giants are not disgruntled at this. Infosys and the others have slowly started exploring outsourcing campuses in China and other parts of Asia and across the world. These companies would recruit talent from other global areas and provide six months training in India before these folks are employed outside India.

So, the next term evolving is:

<em>Globombed- This refers to someone whose job is outsourced to China, Romania or elsewhere via India.

Interesting information- Geography is soon becoming insignificant in terms of where jobs can go and how they are done in a cost effective and timely fashion.

Comments and thoughts?


Raju said...

Good news.. Indian youth are getting nice opportunities..

Bad news.. 1) Bangalore is getting severely polluted 2) All these 'long-time-sitting' jobs would be unhealthy lifestyle..

Keerthivasan said...


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tt_giant said...

Reminds me of this comic strip:


you may have seen it though!

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