Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Obama: A Force to Reckon With

Pictures: Courtesy of Yahoo Photos

November 4th, 2008 was election day in America, a day that is awaited by millions across the country and world, in anticipation and eagerness. The day did not disappoint America, for indeed, history has been made with the election of Barack Obama as the 44th president and the first ever African American president of the United States. The victory was a landslide with Obama claiming 349 of the electoral votes (required 270) defeating his opponent John McCain who got 142 electoral votes, though the popularity votes were close enough.

Chicago celebrated, New York and California rejoiced as did Kenya and other nations across the worlds who watched America elevate its stance in the international arena by proving that democracy is the still the strongest power in today's global world.

As a permanent resident in this country, who has another couple of years towards getting citizenship, I couldn't vote in this historic election. But, as an immigrant and just like any other minority group, the moment of seeing Obama deliver his victory speech, makes me emotional. I saw thousands of African American people, both men and women, crying, for many would not have dreamt that they could be alive to see the day when a black man would get elected to the white house in this country, indeed, CHANGE is here, big time. It gives hope for millions of colored people, be it from an Asian, Hispanic, Latino or any other community the hope to dream big and the belief that anything is possible in this land of opportunities.

Now, that I've raved about how one can hope in this country etc. I want to delve more into how Obama made this happen. Just being an African American senator from Illinois, didn't give Obama an edge over the others, but he had to work ten times harder than your average politician over the years to get to this point. And, of course, he has all the right elements in perfect combination to make him who he is.

A few reasons why I think Obama won, based on my readings, observations and of course getting the facts right from the internet and news-

1. A member of the democratic minority, representing a swath of Chicago's south side, he had done what he could so as one of the most liberal senators in a Republican goverment and was ready for a change.
2. His community organizer background gave him the ablity to appeal to people, listen to their concerns and deliver speeches that enthralled his audience.
3. Obama has the right educational background, a law degree from Harvard and the mantle of first black president of the Harvard Law Review.
4. His personality that has been subjected to close scrutiny throughout this race, depicting him as a cool headed, intelligent politician. His rare talent is to mask his hard inner core and unyielding ambition to make something extraordinatry of himself and promote his ideals.
5. Lastly, his campaign, I've heard is run so methodically and strategically that the organization functioned like clock-work and paved the way for his victory. Obama's steady, corporate campaign management is another depiction of how timing, planning and action are all crucial to attaining a high goal, such as this.

At his victory speech in Chicago's Grant Park in front of more than 100,000 people, Obama after thanking his supporters (he didn't mention Hillary and Bill Clinton, was a bit surprised at this and wondered if the omission was intentional or otherwise)went on to say how the challenges of tomorrow, one of them being the worst financial crisis of the century and the other being planet in peril will be faced.

While, change comes with this election, let us wait and watch to see what Obama does in his first term after taking oath into the Oval office in January. But, for now, Obama's success story is that of a young man, whose search for the identity of his own roots and his quest for change makes him a unique and a prominent president in the global arena.


na_an said...

Very nice post.

Lets see what Obama has to offer in the coming months/years.

A-kay said...

Nice post; I still feel a tinge of sadness that it was not Hillary but Barack who is the 44th President - guess its just me! As much elated as I am in seeing that Mccain-Palin didn't win the ticket, as Na_an mentioned it will be interesting to see what Obama offers in these challenging times.

Cham said...

I didn't watch any of his campaign ...But yest his vict speech was just "Sparkling", he changed the history , let 's watch out his move .... Big Welcome to newly elected President!

DEESHA said...

I was catching this on news ... Lets see what he has to offer

anudivya said...

Obama rocks! He made a decent speech yesterday, somehow thought it could have been better... But hey, I am not complaining. The guy is smart.

Sireesha said...

Obama rocks...Really he has changed the history...Very nice post...

Sachita(india) said...

so well written post,M:)
Let me gift you this link, I found in another blog with more Obama pictures -

with the mess we are in, we need miracles , i don't think it is fair to expect miracles out of him.

Jayashree said...

I thought his victory speech was brilliant. Let's hope his words translate to action.

Aparna said...

Nice post! Like A-kay; I wish it were the other democrat had run finally :) I was not surprised by the win at all; as I have been writing in comments on many similar posts; the democrats were sure to win! Just hope that change promised actually happens! I have been leaving this link for all the comments I have written...
check that out...very well written :D

Bharathy said...

Wow! I am never wrong with you, Mitr..Before hopping in here I wished this post should be here..and there you are..

I missed the news yesterday as was travelling and thought to catch up with you!

Wonderful post!..

Tight Hugs!:)

Uma said...

hmm. OK I am too late to comment on this wonderful post! Hat's off to you! How can you write such nice posts?

All I want to say is I am too excited to see what Obama can do to this country during these challenging times. As Cham said, he sure changed history!

Mavin said...

Great to see a society that saw active segregation and deep prejudice against blacks has matured to elect an Afro-American to the White House.

A lesson that we in India can learn is that the entire election battle has been fought without "race" ever being used as an issue.

SASA said...

you write so well.
Obama's victory speech was a clear illustrative of what a great speaker he is.Letz wait and watch what his government has to offer!

Krishnan said...

Mitr: I was one of the many who had tears in my eyes on hearing Obama's speech. It is indeed historic day for USA - a black occupying the highest office of the land. World has high expectations of Obama. Hope he lives up to most of our hopes.

Me too said...

Historic election, indeed! The real race was between Obama & Hilary Clinton as the Democratic nominee as it was pretty clear that whoever won the nomination was going to win the election!