Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Booky Tag

I've been tagged by A-kay, to do this booky tag. While, I am not a major fan of tagging, but, this booky tag seemed different and intellectual to follow. Also, I just finished reading "The Mango Season" by Amulya Malladi yesterday. Hadn't heard of this author before, until one of the bloggers recommended her other book,"Serving Crazy with Curry", but, since that one was out in the local library, I picked up "The Mango Season".

Before, I go off track to discuss the book- let me follow the tag rules-
1. Pick up the nearest book
2. Open to page 123
3. Find the fifth sentence
4. Post the next 3 sentences
5. Tag five people, and acknowledge the person who tagged you

"See the Saptarishi?" he asked, pointing at the constellation of seven stars shaped like a question mark."For the longest time I couldn't see Arundhati," he said. In the Saptarishi constellation of stars, the last but one star at the bottom, which is Vashishtha, has a small star revolving around it, and that is Arundhati. The myth is that if you cannot see Arundhati, you will have bad luck....lots of it.

Now, a little bit on the book..Amulya Malladi has portrayed all the characters in this book with a touch of realisticness. The story revolves around a software engineer Priya who returns to India for a visit during the summer months where mango season is in full swing. Coming home to Hyderabad after living for 7 years in the Silicon Valley, Priya is torn between the two worlds, the people in her life from both the worlds. Not only does she have to battle the differences in life style, intense family politics, personalities etc. but, also carries the herculean task of letting her family know about her American boyfriend Nick whom she is living with and has a relationship with. The Mango theme is very much carried throughout the book as the author shares recipes of Avakai pickle, mango pappu, etc. The book is a fast read and depicts clearly the family values, concept of arranged marriages and traditions of India.

Per the booky tag rules, encouraging bloggers to read a book that they might have forgotten or missed reading, now tagging-

1. Spillay
2. Sachita
3. Na_an
4. Balaji
5. Bavani

Folks- don't feel compelled to do this booky tag, if you don't want to.


Priya said...

You too read the book..., only y'day I read about it on A-Kay's blog. I have been looking for it at the library for a long time now. Placed a request for it. This Priya is craving mangoes and Hyd too :((

Uma said...

this is an interesting tag! the book sounds good, have to find it somewhere to read.

Bavani said...

Mission accomplished :)

Cham said...

You re super fast doing the tag :) Love the review of the book , got 2 look next time when i go to library...

na_an said...

its a great idea...I will do it soon! Hope I booky tag a book I read recently.

Spillay said...

Thanks for the tag. Will get on to it :)

Preeti said...

I think the mango on the cover of the book is enticin enough to make me want to read the book ;)

I'd give it a try sometime soon :)

mitr_bayarea said...

Priya- haha, yes, you can probably related to some aspects of the Priya character in the book, a nice read.

Uma- hmm.

Bavani- Thanks for doing the tag so promptly.


Na_an- looking forward to ur booky tag.

Spillay-no rush, get to it when u feel better.

Preeti- loved the picture of the ripe red mango.

Uma said...

Hi Mitr,

good to know that you are going to meet! I would love to, but I am going to east coast end of this month and returning first week of August. If it is after that date, I am happy to meet all of you dear bloggers. Please let me know the details. My email id is ""

Cham said...

My id is on my blog : would be glad to meet all of u

Spillay said...

Hi Mitr. The tag is done! :) Pls refer to my post at >>

Have a great day!

Jayashree said...

What a fun tag!!! I did read a review on this book quite some time back in a newspaper....and have been asking for it at the library...but someone always seems to take it out just before I go in :-((

Anupama said...

Hey tha sounds like a great book. I am edfinitely going to look this one up in my library. Thanks for the review. Thanks also for popping over on my blog and leaving a comment. Look forward to seeing you again.:))

mitr_bayarea said...

Uma and Cham- will keep you both posted on possible meet plans.

Spillay- thanks for doing the tag thing.

Jayashree- surely try and read it, its a nice one.

Anupama- thanks, have blog-rolled you.

na_an said...

finally..I am feels good!!

TBC said...

I am not too crazy about being tagged either.:D

I must keep this book in mind when I go to the library next(haven't been there in a long, long time!).

TBC said...

Thanks for the feedback on the soup, Mitr!

TBC said...

Just finished reading this one... it was good.:D Also picked up her previous one...