Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Beaches- Here and There!

Marina Beach, Chennai

Miami, Florida

San Gregorio State Beach, California

Last weekend, the weather was glorious in the Bay Area, in other words, it was really warm and sunny on Saturday. We drove on 280 and then took 1 South to go to San Gregario State Beach towards the evening. It was a scenic and windy drive, but, gets you to the beach in about an hour's time. This is the first beach you come across when you enter 1 South. We were surprised to find that the beach parking lot was full and saw the crowd. When we've visited this beach about 3 years ago, it was so deserted. Nevertheless, it brought back a feeling of being in Marina beach, Chennai. Well, that feeling only lasted until we dipped out feet in the sea and it was so cold. After several ooos and aahs, you get used to the cold, but still, be it the Stinson Beach , Monteray or any other Bay Area beach, the water in the Pacific is always cold, even during the summer and this has been our sea experience in the west coast, till we visited Miami beach in Florida.

The water in the Miami beach and other parts of Florida like Keywest was not only a greenish blue tinge, but also plesantly warm. It was such a difference standing in the water and we hardly wanted to come out. Not only that, the color is definitely a pretty sight for the eyes.
Lastly, how can I not mention our Marina beach in Chennai. Though, not as fancy as a hang out spot for teenagers like Besant Nagar Elliot's beach, Marina is surely an all time favorite in terms of the water, sand, and all the other side attarctions.

Beaches here and beaches there......enjoy while the good weather lasts.

Day at the Beach by Sharon Froese

A day at the beach
What could be
More fun
Than playing in
The sand
The surf
The sun
Building castles
And rivers
And splashing
In the waves
There's no better
Way to spend
Hot summer days


Cham said...

Ah, the water is ice cold in Bay area. The best Scenic view is Route 1, try to put ur feet in Alameda shore. The water is warm , the only beach , i know around bay area with warm water. Pictures re beautiful....

Laksh said...

Nice one! I was at a beach this weekend too. Though not one where you could get into the water.

Uma said...

with the summer approaching, the pictures of beaches are so soothing. Gorgeous pictures.

UL said...

hey thank you for stopping over at my space, which in turn brought me here, you've lovely blog going on here, i love beaches, my college where i did my studies was located on the beach and it was an amazing live so near to the beach. i enjoyed the poem, it is inspiring enough and now am tempted to write one of my own :)

A-kay said...

Nothing compares to our Marina beach :) The water is just perfect to dig you legs in - I have heard the beaches south of LA on the west coast have similar water temp, haven't tried though.

Jayashree said...

I love the Marina....just wish it was cleaner.....and I love Miami too....but I prefer the other beaches along that strech like Juno and Jupiter 'coz they have bigger waves and are less crowded.

mitr_bayarea said...

cham- thanks for the tip on alamdea shore, will try it sometime during the summer.

laksh-hmm..yes there are lots of beaches where you don't get into the water.

Uma- thanks.

ul- your college was on the beach? Wow! You write some great poems, though, none of the ones here are my own.

a-kay- hm...yes, even Santa Monica beach south of LA is probably slighly warmer.

jayashree- can't beat Marina, though, definitely wish it was cleaner. Haven't heard of Juno and Jupiter beaches along Miami stretch-thanks!

priya said...

Haven't visited yet and may be I shud in few days.

Bala said...

beaches on the west coast are cold, all the way till south cal. may be you wont need a wetsuit in san diego, but even the waters of hawaii cannot beat the giant (albeit dirty) jacuzzi known as marina beach.

- tp

na_an said...

many san diego beaches are really warm...

tt_giant said...

hmmm.. reminds me of all the days/nights in the beach when I lived in FL!

Nothing beats the beach when the sun is out, with friends and a frisbee in water!