Friday, October 13, 2006

Random Ramblings

It is Friday afternoon and I just finished organizing a baby shower for one of the employees in our department, we had delicious Mocha Chocolate Cake and some fun games. I am ready to leave for the week........just some random thoughts put together in a blog....

1.Thalaivar SuperStar became Super Grandpa on 10/10/06. Being the hero of TN, he distributed sweets and Rs.1000 to all Appollo Hospital staff on this joyous news. Poor Dhanush (whose role isn't too significant as son-in-law, he is 25 yrs old and is younger to his wife Aishwarya) told media that his son would be named by Thalaivar on a grand auspicious function.

Inspite of Rajini attaining grandpa status, his fan crowd and status of hero amongst Tamilians is still at its peak with the successful shooting of his next mega budget Sivaji.

2. Heard that the new movie "The Departed" that has all the major star cast is very bloody, more so that Munich for its violence. So, wondering if we should go for Jet Li's Fearless instead tonight?

3. Want to make some gobi manchrian this weekend.

4. Want to go watch the Pumpkin Patch festival and carving at some close downtown.

5. This huge piece of choc cake that I ate this afternoon is still lingering in my mouth, maybe workout during the weekend?

More meaningful blogging next week......................Happy Friday!!!


Sundar Narayanan said...

happy friday indeed


Shankari said...

Hope U had a good weekend

Priya said...

Hey Mitr,

You are soo true abt Thalaivar's superstar status. Its a one way decrease in the count whatsoever !! Poor Dhanush, he is nearly invisible ..hehe.

And hey which movie did u watch ?? I watched both of them during the last few weeks, and I feel The Departed wasnt not soo violent...I felt the screenplay was the hero in both movies though. The only thing abt Fearless was, the whole movie is in chinese !!! And as for Departed, had it been in India, we wud have heard a symphony of BEEPS :-)

priya said...

That piece of cake was really good.

Raju said...

that gobi manchurian looks soooooooo tempting.. i am drooling now.. ;)
Hope you had a good friday and weekend..

Radhika said...

Hey Mitr,

Came here through ur comment on my blog.U have a nice blog here,& the cake looks really great.Next time when u make a cake let me know, i shall invite myself 2 ur house for a piece.