Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween

Just got off the hook after organizing A Halloween Lunch Party at work. The spooky decorations and witches and candies were all put out a few weeks ago throughout the office- I guess for lots of folks, being in HR means just "OB-adichifying" with parties, office events etc. It does mean doing all this, but involves lot of physical work and also creativity. Employees love to have a nice atmosphere at work and it is one of the duties of HR to boost their morale by coming up with all sorts of ideas for every special event.

This year for Halloween, I decided on doing a costume party, cos many folks in our office loves to dress up in their Halloween costumes and I haven't yet got into the costume group (for which some folks look at me and say "You need to set a better example as HR".....and my response to them is, "Yeah..I am setting up an example in other ways, not just by wearing a costume).

Anyways, came up with two categories- Most Frightful Costume and Most Creative Costume for the Event, ordered and picked up Gourmet Applewood Pizza (which is thrice as expensive as Round Table or Chicago Pizza), got half a dozen variety of candies, cookies and treats.

The pizza lunch followed by a secret ballot voting for the Best Costume of the Day in each category ended well with people thanking me for all the efforts. Can't wait to go home and hit the sack. Guess those with kids have a lot of Trick or Treating to do this evening.

Attached are pictures from our costume themes- Most Frightful and Most Creative Costumes of the Day.

Happy Halloween!!!


Raju said...

Oh u had a bash of a party today? Nice to know about the 'other side' of HR people.. For us, Halloween is seen only in the shops and some neighborhood homes.. hmmm

Jinguchakka said...

I've done your tag!

Sachita(india) said...

Enna sollu, party organizing definitely comes under ob. Not to say others don't ob.

Shankari said...

hey looks like u had a lot of fun. will do the tag today!

mitr_bayarea said...

Thanks everybody...esp. for those who did the tags!

Me too said...

The enthusiasm showed by adults in this country to have fun still amazes me!! Anyway, another chance for you enjoy your favourite treats!! Ensoy!!