Thursday, February 09, 2006

Knowing and Choosing for a special someone

This is my second post on the V-day series and now that folks have an idea for picking a restaurant, shouldn't picking a gift for your partner be next on the agenda?

I can visualize several men folks who read this blog to think that isn't this all too sappy stuff, who cares about V-day and isn't that a western concept, and so on..but still, it is a day where lots of shops and commerial folks make money from a majority of people who happen to believe or even are forced to believe by their female partners the whole idea of an evening dinner, gift etc its for those folks out there who are part of the community that thinks.. Oh Well, whatever..let me do this for my special someone to make her happy (if she is the sort of woman who likes all this) or for a woman who thinks I know my significant other isn't romantic or doesn't care about V-day, gifts etc, but still i feel nice about doing something different for that special someone in my life..................................

So, here goes...............

Knowing your partner-

Before you go out and plan or buy something for your partner, you will need to do some homework on the type of person your significant other is. I am sure that most of us know enough about our spouses or lovers, but this is for those clueless folks who would welcome some knowledge on the topic.

For the men folks-

If your woman falls under one of these categories, proceed, if not, add in your category. Women come in all shapes and sizes, in different temperament packages and so on, but almost every woman has a sensitive, romantic part in her that needs to be captured.

Type A- Women who fall under this category are the easiest to please, they love flowers, esp red roses and the sappy romantic films with a soft touch. For this lady, buying a jewelley set, a pearl set and a bouquet of roses sent as a surprise to her work or delivered at home along with an evening meal prepared by her man, will make her man score big on the thoughtful, romantic charts.

Type B- Women who are the brainy and nerdy kind, who love to read books, not just your Mills & Boon romance or pure fiction, but a non-fiction reader. For this type, go to a bookstore or if you already know her favorite author or book that she has been talking about for ages, buy it and take her for a drive to a quiet park and read the book with her. Be prepared to know all her intellectual favourites and discuss them with her as a way of spending quality time.

Type C- This is probably the hardest category of women to please-they are the tough ones who think that romance doesn't come with frilly expressions of love, flowers etc. that embarass her in front of her colleagues or in a public place. She believes that true companionship comes on a personal level and what do you do to please this lady- Try writing a page on what you like about her the most and some of the wonderful moments the two of you have spent in the past. Then, ask her what she would like to do for the rest of the evening and do it for her without complaining or trying to find a way around it.

I hope that these categories make sense to some of them men out there who are looking for ideas, and maybe if you think your woman doesn't fall under any of these, go ahead and try to know her and do something for her.

For the women folk-

I am not going to categorize men like i did women, since they aren't as much complex to understand with respect to their gift tastes. Most men, especially, the married ones and the fathers don't believe in V-day and gifting concepts, its mostly the single dudes, esp the ones who do have a female in their lives who want to do something.

Also, i am not so sure if many women want to gift something to their men by doing something extra or special for V-day knowing that their partners don't believe or get too excited about this. But still, if you are lady who feels that irrespective of your spouse taking you out for dinner or buying you something for V-day, that you want to show your affection, then go ahead.

It isn't that complicated to figure out what your man likes, there are men who enjoy being given attention and receiving gifts from their loved ones and there are men who feel that it is unncessary and embarrasing for that. So, know your man's preference and act.

A special meal with his favorite dishes prepared fresh by you after his tiring day at work will please most men. If your man is a techie guy, then go out of the way to buy him that Plasma TV or SLR camera or allow him to buy that expensive electronic gadget that he has been asking for a long time. If he is a movie buff, then go to NetFlix or Blockbuster and pick up his favorite Star Wars or any other movie he enjoys, or even better, buy it for his DVD colection if he doesn't have it. If he is a guy who cares about his appearance, then you have a wide array of choices- cologne, shirts, pants etc. If he is a bookaholic, then buy him that favorite book he keeps ordering at the library or he keeps reading during his visits to Starbucks.

If none of all these, then just ask him for a change, if he feels like eating out or just staying home and watching the TV and relaxing, even if its boring and seems unromantic for you, he will pinch himself hard for his good luck and eventually he will come and ask you " Let's do what you want, honey"!!!

Would be interested to read your comments on this.....................................................................


Raju said...

Wow.. soooooper.. Kalakkureenga.. Print-out eduthu frame panni maatti vaikka vendiya vishayam.. We are the romantic couples - since '98, V-day has been a special day for us..

My girl comes under type A (easy, ille?). I am under the 'Plasma TV' type... :-)

Viji said...

"let me do this for my special someone to make her happy"
Ohhh, Mitr!! I thought you were a girl!!
I'm so sorry... :(
Anyway, nice post! :)

smiley said...

Type D: Needs gold jewels min 22 carat :(
Men are easy going, a quie day with a good meal and a mssage will make their day, aleast mine

smiley said...

my 't' is playing up

mitr_bayarea said...

Thanks! Good for your guys-so, have you been married since 98 or have you known each other from then.

Have a nice V-day!

Oh! I had written from both perspectives and you must have caught that phrase from the men's perspective and mistaken my gender :)

Haha for type D! It is indeed easy to choose something for a guy. Didn't get your last comment.

Balaji said...

nice post. lot of good tips :) did u do your thesis on romance by any chance?! and what gift have u gotten your special someone?

Type E: likes only clothes!

mitr_bayarea said...


oh no..thesis ellam illa, just a few observations on couple dynamics, thatz all.

My significant other is a techie type, so got him a colorful LED display alarm clock.

Clothes are most women's favorites, esp. working women.