Monday, February 06, 2006

Bay Area Restaurants for Valentine's day

With Valentine's day coming up next week, there are going to be more blogs on the topic-

I thought i would start the first of the series by writing about some of the popular restaurants here in Bay Area . These are places that i have dined at in the past and have felt that they could end up being on a list for popular dinner dates on Valentine's day, anniversary days, spouse birthdays etc.

While, this list is only for folks in and around the Silicon Valley region, others can come up with something like this at their places to go out for a special meal. Please note that if you end up choosing any popular, high end places for crowded evening like Feb. 14th, you would need to make advance reservations several days ahead.
1. Nicolino's Garden Cafe ( 1228 Reamwood Ave, Sunnyvale)
This upscale restaurant is really festive during most of the year, and offers a fine Italian cuisine that leaves a lingering taste. The interior of the restaurant is beautifully decorated and the staff wear tuxedo and several dishes come flaming to the table. There is often a live band or singer performing and shows are at 6.30 and 9 pm on weekend nights which are slightly more expensive.
If you are up for an evening of formal attire, willing to spend extra bucks for some fine Italian food and womderful ambience, this should be a fine place to dine at.

2. Faz Restaurant (1108 N.Mathilda Ave, Sunnyvale)
Faz at the Sunnyvale Sheraton is a quiet, sophisticated place that brings mouth watering Mediterranean food for its diners. The interrior of its posh dining area is so elegant and unique with a colorful finish that makes it distinct from any other Mediterranean place that i have visisted so far. The seating arrangement here is stylish and split level type that leaves a distinct mark on your mind. Another different feature here is the exhibition type kitchen offers diners views of the Middle Eastern and Mediterranean dishes made by the famous Faz Poursohi himself.
A quiet place worth dining for its unique furnishings and good food.
3. Gaylord Indian Restaurant (Ghirardelli Square, San Francisco)
Located on the top floor of Ghirardelli Sqaure in San Francisco, this is one of San Francisco's top rated restaurants that offers some delicious North Indian food. The tandoori dishes, kebabs here are so rich and taste divine. There is a nice selection of vegetarian dishes too.One of the expensive Indian cuisines that is often fully booked, it has some nice night views of the water and its surrooundings in SFO. Although, service and arrival time of the dishes are slow, it is worth getting dressed up to eat at this fine place and save some room to walk downstairs to Ghirardelli for some ince cream.
Indeed, a popular date idea for many!!!
4. Bucca di Beppo (Palo Alto)
Located in a busy neighbourhood in downtown Palo Alto, this is more of a family place or a place to go with a bunch of friends, more than a quiet dinner for two. The inside of the restaurant is lively with the walls decorated with famour Italian people and retro style ads. Also, you can see a huge display of wines hanging from the cellar in the ceiling. The food is good and the portions served are in large qauntities and presented in an appealing manner.
BDB is a great place to dine at with a bunch of folks as you can split the dishes (family style) and come out with a fairly small individual cost. Overall, there are some decent veggie dishes offered here.
5. Frankie, Johnnie and Luigi (Mountain View)
This authentic Italian diner is located on El Camino Real in Mountain View and can also be categorized as a family cum couple eat out place. We landed up at 8.30 pm on last Valentine's day without finding a reservation anywhere and were surprised to find this a fairly decent place. Even though, the interior of the restaurant is a bit stuffy, the food was good- nothing to rave about, but just normal, rich Italian stuff. The prices are extremely moderate and we did end up splurging ourselves that evening.
I am sure that other Bay Area folks would chip in their ideas for exclusive restaurants.........
So, if you do intend to go out for an evening dinner on Feb. 14th whereever you are, plan ahead of time, pick a place of your choice, make an advance reservation and enjoy the evening!


Vamsee said...

Hey Mitr, I recently visited Ghiradeli square and noticed that GayLord is moved to a new location in Sausalito!:(

It is now at:
201 Bridgeway
Sausalito, CA 94965
(415) 339-0172
(415) 771-4980 (Fax)
Cross Street: Larkin Street

Me too said...

Wow-o-Wow!! Wish someone blogs about Atlanta area restaurants too!! Guess, you are all set for your V-Day dinner date!

mitr_bayarea said...


Thanks for mentioning this, its been a while since we visited the place.


I just wanted to put down some nice restaurants that i have visited in the area in the past. I am not going to any of these places next week :)

Hmm...No clue about Atlanta area restaurants, if it were Boston, i could help.

raz said...

:P how many of these places u going to visit with ur partner...

Balaji said...

Bucca di Beppo's the only one we've been to among the places u listed. we could've used an romance expert like u during our pre-kids time i think :)

Raju said...

mmm.. that is interesting.. Lucky you guys.. We will probably visit Amrut Palace in Ocala.. East or West, Indian food is the best.. :-)

mitr_bayarea said...


These are places that i have been at in the past and am writing to recommend these for fellow Bay Area bloggers. I am not going to any of these places on Valentine's day!


Thanks...i take that as a can definitely try one of these places if you are planning a dinner outing on Feb. 14th.


It is true that Bay Area Vasis have a lot more choices than other folks, we try not to go out for Indian cuisine as often, cos we have that at home all the time.

Have a nice evening with Geetha.