Thursday, October 06, 2005

Quality Time for all

With the advent of special other's parents visit, a different dimension to our schedules and time has set in. Within a couple of days of their being here, i've been provided with ample topics to write about. One of the first thoughts is about "Time". During some of our conversations and even with talks from relatives in India, there is the conception that most US based folks don't have time. This left me thinking....hmm.... So, are we all having quality time here in our daily lives amidst careers, schools, family life etc. So, what exactly is this quality time?

Quality Time is the time that every individual sets aside for themselves to do anything that they enjoy doing. It doesn't have to be a planned activity or pertain to a specific agenda.

For those who are single, after a hectic day at work, a work out in the gym or a quiet moment in the couch with some nice music or a movie is quality time.

For the married folks, it is the time that they carve out for spending with each other or for some folks, it is the time that they devote to taking care of themselves. I have colleagues at work who take a couple of hours during a week to either go to a spa or something that makes them feel good about themselves. Personally, for me, i've started taking a professional development class once a week after work and that is quality time that i spend on doing something for myself.

For the family folks-finding quality time is really hard, cos every minute available is spent on tending to the kids and house.

Here are some basic tips on creating quality time.
  • Taking the time, even when you are busy with something, to talk to your spouse, child or parent or a friend who needs you.
  • Join a totally fun class or learning a new hobby.
  • Decide to have a downtime and let your hair down, take a nice long shower, eat at your favourite restaurant and listen to some good music.
  • Sit all day and finish a book.

I am sure that everyone can think of so many other things to add to their list of quality time to dos.

But for everybody, quality time is something that we all need to create, even if we don't have the time to do so, cos soone ror later, there will come a time when we will start questioning about what we've been doing to take care of ourselves.


Raju said...

Nicely written and quite thought-provoking one... Whether in India or abroad, the time is there for us if we decide to spend sometime planning out the day.. I think once a while of doing it but somehow it doesnt happen always.

Completely agree with "take time off to talk to spouse" ... it helps a lot to keep a day smooth.

mitr_bayarea said...

raju:hmm...yeah,thanks for agreeing on my thoughts.I know that each of us with our respective busy lives, keep planning to take some quality time off for ourselves, but it just doesn't happen. I guess, atleast once a week, we must make sure that we take this time.

Yes, a lot of problems can be resolved even before they begin if communication between couples is ongoing on a daily basis.

Vanathi said...

Good useful post.

Balaji said...

blogging is, for me, the "time to yourself" that you talk about! unfortunately, late night(after both li'l ones r asleep) is the only time i get. and so it cuts into the other big gift of life - sleep! but still enjoy it as it is truly time to myself :)

mitr_bayarea said...

vanathi: thanks.

balaji:thatz great that you make the time to do something for yourself even with kids. And the popularity and quality of your blogs shows that you enjoy doing that. Way to go.....

Me too said...

Blogging is the activity that has come to occupy my 'me time'[And like Balaji, that is late night after everyone(including my hubby!) goes to sleep] too.

mitr_bayarea said...

aparna:haha..good for you, guess blogging is turning out to be a real outlet for most folks.

Sundar Narayanan said...

i agree with balaji

after a kid, the only time you get for quality time is blog time..