Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Efficiency for me!!! (Wednesday Special)

Its Wednesday- that middle day of the week where i stand and count to myself 2 more days to go for the weekend, when my inner voice "manasakshi" says only 2 days of the week are over.

I seem to wear my thinking hat on Wednesdays, and am going to blog my first thoughts of the morning- Efficiency.

What is Efficiency?

Webster meaning: The quality or property of being efficient.- ie the power or capacity to produce a desired result.

Mechanical Engineering:Ratio of the effective or useful output to the total input in any system.

Electronics: The amount of power delivered to the load of an amplifier as a percentage of the power required from the power supply.

Medical:The production of the desired effects or results with minimum waste of time, effort or skill.

Mitr's definition: To me efficiency is when a playful girl of 23-24 gets married, grows to become responsible as a woman by getting a job here in the US that matches her academic qualifications and cooks, maintains the household, while being competant in her career, stays in a relationship with a husband, and handles all the other daily hassles that come up both at work and home. It also means that the girl-turned-woman not only gets into the cycle of working + domestic duties, but also finds the time to pursue hobbies, take classes/courses, goes to the gym to workout and also find time to do something for the community around her.

I feel proud of all those Desi women who have come to this country, put themselves through graduate school, found a job, got married and still continued to work, raise good kids and maintain the family.

Reminds me of a few lines off the title song from the tamil film "Manathil Uruthi Vendum"......
"Samaikinra Karangalum Sarithiram Padaithida Bhoomi Parka Vendum.."
"Thoorathu Desathil Bharatha Penmaiyin Paadal Ketkavendum....."


tt_giant said...

aaaha!..initially i had doubts if this blog's author could be a female/male.. now its cleared.

I agree.. i too feel wednesday is the threshold point for me.

your definition is apt for someone who balances out life like you said/do. but in general, i have seen/heard girls getting married and coming here - wasting their time, no productive utilization. This includes even girls who are engineering graduates.

like the lyrics of the song..

tt_giant said...

btw, i have added your blog to my list of links.

mitr_bayarea said...

Thanks, Deepak..i hope i got that right, i too have added your blog to my list...

reg ur comment-yes, thatz my definition of efficiency, but when you mention that girls who come here waste their time, i just wonder how many of them (i know it cud be a majority) have been forced to quit good jobs in India due to wedding, move jobs/states here in the US bcos of spouse living elsewhere and come here on a H-4 dependent visa,thereby finding it nearly impossible to go to work. Their only options are- either volunteering at some place or going to school.

ada-paavi!!!! said...

aaha niece post, and as ttg said dounbts about gender have been cleared!

Ansh said...

'Manathil uruthi vendum' says it all!

proud of you mitr!

mitr_bayarea said...

thanks Ansh.