Friday, August 05, 2005

Alan Dershowtiz's Advocate's Devil

Another book review that i would like to write about - I read "Advocate's Devil" by Alan Dershowitz a few years ago and became interested in law and specifically criminal law after that.

Professor Alan Dershowitz of Harvard Law School has been widely acknowledged for being the nation's most peripatetic civil-liberties lawyer and one of the country's most distinguished defenders of individual rights. The novel examines the moral dilemma facing defense attorneys and the story is entertaining, fast paced and the treatment of ethics question is great. An excellent read for Legal Ethics as it portrays the division of a defense attorney between that of a person and that of an attorney. Another feature of this book is that Alan's female characters are both cerebral and independent women which is so apt of the present world.

A common man can get a reasonably good insight into the perverse and immoral lifestyles of many NBA players and the groupies that are too available for their pleasure and subsequent debauchery.

Alan is a well known figure both in Harvard's classrooms and courtrooms. He has defended some noteworthy clients such as OJ Simpson and Mike Tyson. A good read for all those criminal law lovers like me!!!

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