Friday, April 10, 2009

Random Thoughts (RT)

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Considering that this blog has slowly dipped to the point of being updated once a month or so, nevertheless this is still in existence.

Kal Penn quits acting (for now) and accepts a role as the Associate Director in the White House office of public liaison. I am happy for him and also sort of relieved that there will be no more sequels to Harold and Kumar, watched the Guantanamo bay version on big screen and thought it was gross to a large extent.

RT2: Working long hours doesn't guarantee job protection, but has become a way of survival in the US. A year when most companies have hiring freezes, no salary increases, no bonus programs etc. one must feel that they are lucky to have a job for the moment to take care of the bills. It's scary to hear stories from the Indian community in the valley of shootings, suicides etc. due to job losses, stock market crashes and home prices falling.


Isn't going to one temple and praying to one God reap the same benefits as going to 10 temples and praying to multiple dieties? Its nice that Hinduism has so many Gods that we can choose to pray based on our needs and preferences, but still, the destination at the end of the journey is the same. I hope that this thought stays clear in my mind.

RT4: Why do the Chinese have a name in their native dialect, but then use an English name for all purposes. I recently read the basketball player Yao Ming's english name is Fred.


With that, have a "good" Friday and a great easter weekend.


Cham said...

Except the last one, I thought due to the crisis, I came to know people are not planning to have a kid!
Like all, espec the Chinese changing their name so why not Indian (?)
The Sili Area shooting was really distur and the Tracy girl story too :( Was little scary about the violence we hear nowadys!
He he How r? Hope u re in better shape :)
Take Care,

Laksh said...


Re changing names, I just saw a piece on Sepia Mutiny that talks about the same issue.

DEESHA said...

Congratulations dear & Take care

Uma said...

Hey, congrats! Take care! I also wonder at chinese keeping an English name! They just want to mingle with the culture and people wherever they go, I guess! :)

Me said...


Jayashree said...

The Silicon Valley shooting shocked me too.....more than the other killings 'coz this one involved a baby.

tt_giant said...

They change names to get accepted! enna ezhavo!

Maybe its the extended winter in Boston numbed by mrain, but why the congratulations?

btw, hope to see more in this RT series!

AJEYA RAO said...

Good Info...welcome back after a break

Krishnan said...

Nice to see you back.

Priya said...

Good to see u back Mitr. No clue of name change tho'.