Wednesday, July 09, 2008

A Friend's Article and a Blogger's Achievement

I have two articles/news items that I wanted to share through this post. The first one is an interview from my school buddy who lives in Dubai and works as a Project Coordinator for the British Council in UAE. She was interviewed by a journalist for The National ( and had her interview published in the "This much I know" column for their Arts and Life section. The article titled "There's no point in worrying" gives her take on life, work etc. in Dubai and when she sent me a scanned copy of the article this morning, I felt so proud of her.

While, most people have different faces, one at home/family and the other for their work/public life, what I truly like about my friend is that she is just one true face to all who know her. Her interview was as open and frank as her nature is and reading through her interview made me feel that this is one girl who hasn't changed since her school days. I am so happy for her success and accomplishments and wish her the very best in professional and family life.

Her interview can be read at :

The second news item is about a Calcutta whiz high school student Rik Sengupta who has got admissions into 7 top US universities along with stunning scholarships. He got into Yale, Caltech, MIT, Duke,Williams College, Amherst College and Princeton for his undergraduate education. My parents sent me an article on his achievments that was recently published in Times of India. The article can be read at- ( )

Rik's SAT and TOEFL scores were jaw dropping, not to forget his extra-curricular talents and achievements. We hear of high achivers here and there, but, this is one Indian boy who has truly proven his credentials and made us all proud.

While I googled his name, Rik's blog showed up and I asked him if it would be okay for me to write about his accomplishments in my blog, for which he willingly agreed.

Thank you Rik and wishing you the very best in your educational pursuits at Princeton.

There are indeed high achivers around us that we often come across and wish that more of us could be like them.


Amrutha said...

Ah! Nice post :). I wonder if we pick the questions asked to your friend and make them into a meme, what would our answers be? :)

Cham said...

Woman working in Dubai, that is something she achieved! Nice to read those articles, Indians shine whereever they go :)
And congrats to Rik!

Priya said...

Congrats on your friends achievement and her interview was simple and precise just like her.

Thanks for sharing Mitr.

Uma said...

definitely a very good post! happy to know about the achievements of our people. Hearty congrats to all.

Rajitha said...

positive achievements give positive vibes...thnks for sharing the article

mitr_bayarea said...

Amrutha- good idea, maybe that will be another post.

Cham-yes, Indians are doing so well all over the world.

Priya, Uma, Rajitha- glad you liked the articles.

mitr_bayarea said...

Rajitha- welcome to my blog, have blog-rolled you.

Sireesha said...

Very good post.....Congrats on your friends achievement...Nice to read that Indians shine wherever they go....hearty congrats to all...